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Tim Minister (issue 97)

Long before Tim Minister of Eatonville, Wash., began turning laps in a Super Late Model at Evergreen Speedway, he already had made multiple laps across the country. “I was in a military family so we moved all over the place,” he says of his childhood while his father Bob Minister served in the US Navy. “He was stationed at California, Idaho, Virginia, Idaho, Virginia and then Washington.”

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Eric Schlichte (issue 97)

Eric Schlichte says he has always been a Ford guy. In addition to a Mustang, his stables include a couple of Ford-inspired racers in the pair of 1960 Alpine roadsters he fields in SOVREN’s pre-62 class. “The Alpine was designed by former Ford designer Kenneth Howes and bears an obvious resemblance to the early Ford Thunderbird,” Eric says of the car’s prominent fins in back, a feature that has grown on him. “I did not like the wings at first.”

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George Scott (issue 97)

George Scott remembers his early days of drag racing at Puyallup in the ’70s. At the time he was fielding a big block ’70 Chevelle with a four-speed in the Pro and Super Pro brackets. “The Chevelle was a street car that ran high 11s on street tires,” The Tacoma veteran recalls. “I ran that until 1985 until I got my first back-half car.”

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Strawberry Cup (issue 97)

Strawberry Cup photos by Ken Keating and Barrie Goodwin

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Dirt Cup (issue 97)

Dirt Cup photos by Robert Hunter, Jerry Nelson, Steve Heeb and Wildlight Photography

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Diamond Cup (issue 97)

Diamond Cup photos by Vanessa Romero-Harry

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Inside Track issue 97 (July 2011)

Browse through Inside Track’s July 2011 edition (Issue 97) with links to some of the items from this issue. You can purchase back issues of this issue on this page as well.

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