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Inside Track issue 107 (July-August 2014)

Browse through Inside Track’s July-August 2014 edition (Issue 107) with links to some of the items from this issue. You can purchase back issues of this issue on this page as well.

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James and John Blackwell (issue 107)

When their Argo JM-5 was delivered it was the first Argo Atlantic car racing in America, and James piloted it to victory in its first outing, winning the 1981 SCCA National at Portland International Raceway.

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Mike Steltz (issue 107)

Mike was inspired to build a street rod for himself and after bolting a 327-cid motor in his Chevy short box pickup, the tickets came almost as fast as his truck. His first race car for Figure 8 competition was a Nova like he had helped the Hamlin team build earlier. He piloted the Nova to the 1992 F-8 Nationals championship.

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CJ Hawley (Issue 107)

Clyde Fought Sr. passed on a legacy of racing that has lasted through the generations. In 1992, Clyde had several sprint cars brought up from Nevada and spread among his sons and grandsons to race in Ephrata. Tricia says there was no doubt that son CJ would follow into racing as his great-grandfather had done so many years earlier.

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Norm Braedt (issue 107)

It took a truck to help Norm Braedt find the path from Tacoma to Bremerton Raceway. “I had been building cars all my life,” he recalls. “Then I built a ’68 Chevy with a performance motor so I brought it out to the dragstrip.” Four decades later, Norm has had the chance to rack up his own seat time at Northwest dragstrips, including Bremerton, Pacific Raceways, Yakima, Spokane, Boise, Woodburn and Shelton.

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Robbie Price (issue 107)

Son of a stock car racer himself, Wilroc veteran Randy Price began racing at Western Speedway at the age 16. By the time his son Robbie turned 16 the third-generation driver already had kicked off his eighth season. “I asked him if he wanted to race and he said yes,” Randy recalls. “I can’t stop him now – it’s all he talks about. He lives for racing.”

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