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Jeff Grubbs (issue 106)


IT-106 Jeff Grubbs (Chevy 150 at Bremerton)

By Steve Heeb

Jeff Grubbs took up drag racing steadily in 2007, fielding a ’67 Camaro at Pacific Raceways.

“I’d always been into hot rods and wanted to go fast,” the Olympia driver says. “I used to street race back when I went to Olympia High School. The drag strip is safer and I didn’t want to get into any more trouble.”

Jeff raced the Camaro for two seasons, with the 383-cid Stroker small block Chevy motor powering the car through 10.20-second passes.

“I’m not a super competitor,” Jeff says. “I’m more in it for the adrenaline.”

His quest for speed has taken him to Bremerton, Pacific Raceways and Woodburn, as well as the 1/8-mile Riverdale strip in Toutle.

“Woodburn is my favorite,” Jeff says of the places where he has raced. “It’s all concrete. The car sticks and it is better prepped.”

In 2010, Jeff started fielding a tube-chassis ’65 Chevelle. Jeff recalls a scary incident driving the Chevelle during the Goodguys Drags last year.

“The throttle stop stuck wide open at 139 mph,” Jeff says of rocketing down the dragstrip at Pacific Raceways.

“We removed the throttle stop after that,” says Jeff Bond, who helps take care of tire pressures and fluids on race day.

Last September, Jeff pulled the 406-cid motor out of the Chevelle and bolted it into a ’57 Chevy 150, making its debut at Bremerton in April.

“The car feels good,” Jeff said after a few shakedown passes. “I want to run in the 10.0s but I’ll have to do a gear change because it’s running in the 10.3s now.

Jeff gets help from engine builder and veteran racer Stan Leerkamp.

“Stan is very knowledgeable,” Jeff says. “Probably the smartest guy I’ve met. He told me: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’”

Bob Pressley at Weatherguard Roofing provides the fuel for Jeff’s racing, and good friend Jeff Bond helps out in the pits on race days.

“He takes care of the tire pressures and the fluids,” Jeff Grubbs says of his old schoolmate. “And moral support too.”

“We’ve known each other since high school and I started working for him last July,” Jeff Bond explains. “It’s nice to work with someone who appreciates nice stuff and keeps it nice.”

Jeff Grubbs lists the ’57 Chevy as his personal favorite among the cars he’s had.

Jeff Bond also is building a ’67 Firebird that he has had since the ‘80s, with sights set on joining the ’57 on race days.

“I hope to have it out on the track later this year,” Jeff says of prepping the 465-cid Pontiac for racing. “I’m looking to run the high 10s but I’d be happy with the low 11s.”

Jeff Grubbs certainly was happy with the first few passes in the ’57 Chevy during the Easter Bunny Nationals at Bremerton Raceway, cutting a .001 light for the first time.

When he’s not racing, Jeff rides Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as quads in Oregon on the sand dunes in Florence and Coos Bay.

“That, and working on hot rods,” Jeff says. “And working to pay for it all.”

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