Feature Article, Stock Cars, Washington — September 25, 2004 at 4:47 pm

Wendi Boyd (issue 61)


By Steve Heeb

Wendi Boyd says she likes being at a crossroads in her life. Well actually, what she said was she likes the rush of being in the intersection. And what she’s talking about is Figure-8 racing in the F.E.A.R. class at Evergreen Speedway.

“The intersection is fair game,” notes veteran Fig-8 driver Harry Clemens, who has gone through seven cars in 23 years of racing.

Wendi also has earned a spot in the “Ol’ Fogeys” club, having started racing Super Fig-8s as early as 1985. She has continued off-and-on in the same class in the two decades since.

“I had a speeding problem on the street,” Wendi recalls. “A friend took me to see a race. I saw the Super Stocks and thought: That would be fun.”

Then the Burien gal saw the Fig-8s and was hooked. Three weeks later she bought a ’64 Impala convertible to take to the track.

She still has her second car, a Dodge Dart, and is in her third season with her current ride, the No. 12 Duster. Wizard Motors built the 350-cid engine and the car is wrapped in an Intrepid DIRT body, dotted with sponsorship graphics for Contract Controllers, CPA; Australia Unlimited; Old Friends Slippers; Cascade Auto and Truck Wrecking; and Maltby Motorsports.

Wendi has been among the top five in points all season, currently holding on to fourth with 12 top-five finishes in 18 races so far this season. She also picked up a trophy dash win and a couple of hard charger awards, but things have not been easy for her.

“I had to earn my spot with these guys,” she says of being the only woman full-time driver in the Super Fig-8s. “I race every week with the guys.”

One of her heroes at the track is Quentin Borreson: “The One Armed Bandit.” She recalls thinking to herself: “If he can do it, so can I.”

She’s heard that Borreson may be back at the track soon; maybe returning for the Randy’s Ring & Pinion Figure 8 Nationals scheduled for Aug. 28 at Evergreen.

The event should draw plenty of cars from throughout the region, including good friends Troy Simianer and Roger Gonzales in the Contact Fig-8 ranks.

“She’s a real competitor,” says Clemens, who houses Wendi’s car in his Hot Shoe Garage.

“The car lives there,” Wendi’s husband Tim says of Clemens’ garage.

Tim, a former F-8 racer himself, is content with being at the track to support Wendi’s racing.

“I get the opportunity to pay for racing all season,” he says sarcastically.

Wendi is quick to credit Tim and Clemens for their hard work on the car every week.

The companies Tim and Wendi work for both are sponsors of the car—Tim at Contract Controllers and Wendi at Old Friends Slippers.

“You couldn’t get nicer people,” Tim says of their employers.

Tim and Wendi met at the track back in 1991, and only raced against each other once.

One driver that Wendi has seen enough, however, is Jessica Wilkeson, a part-time driver on the circuit.

“She likes to roll her car on top of me,” Wendi says with a friendly sneer, and starts to recount a race last season where Wilkeson’s car went up and over onto Wendi twice in one night.

“Three times!” Wilkeson corrects, and the two friends laugh in the memory.

“I am a happy racer,” Wendi says with a giggle.

Clemens says that beating fellow racer “Cowboy” John Carlson would make her even happier.

“Unless he breaks something, no one is going to beat him this year,” Clemens says of Carlson, who was trying to add on to a streak of five consecutive wins that night.

No easy task in a club of more than 25 drivers, fielding an average contingent of 12-16 racers each week.

“In the last two years she’s improved quite a bit,” Clemens continues. “The guys are starting to fear her.”

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