Drag Racing, Feature Article, Washington — July 31, 2004 at 4:47 pm

Dalrymples and Linders (issue 60)



By Steve Heeb

When the gang from Sunnyside, Wash., arrives on raceday, it’s more than just a family affair. It’s two families.

The Dalrymples and Linders hardly think twice about loading five cars into their ’74-foot Freightliner for a 200-mile trip to Pacific Raceways. The team’s patriarch John Dalrymple competes in the Super Pro and Super Street ranks at the wheel of a ’67 Camaro. Son Bubba, 22, drives a Dakota dragster in Super Comp and Josh, 9, is cutting his teeth at the controls of a junior dragster.

Wayne Linder Jr. drives the team’s Don Davis roadster and Wayne Sr. can be found in his Super Gas Plymouth Arrow.

“They’re really great people,” Pacific Raceways dragstrip manager Russell Stevenson says of the Dalrymples and Linders. “They’ve always treated me and the track real well.”

Russell recalls the team arriving from eastern Washington with a big case of cherries as a present for him and the track staff.

“The track surface is great,” Wayne Jr. says of the recently-

refurbished Pacific Raceways dragstrip. “Especially for the cars that are pretty aggressive on the suspension.”

He adds that the team is looking forward to seeing even more improvements that Pacific Raceways has planned.

The team is like that. Two generations of Dalrymples and two generations of Linders. Firmly rooted with a brief-but-notable racing history, but looking ahead to what the future has in store.

Past and Present

It all started in 1996, when John, only a sponsor at the time, went to a race to see Anthony Castillo compete. He liked it.

He picked up a Don Davis roadster and was racing himself the following season. In 2000, John had a Dakota dragster built so son Bubba could join the fun.

In 2001, John was busy building a ’67 Camaro to race in the Super Street and Super Gas brackets. While helping build    the Camaro, Wayne Jr. was brought on board to race the roadster.

In this relatively brief time, the Dalrymples and Linders already have made an impact on the Northwest racing scene.

In 2002, John and Wayne Jr. doubled up, collecting a pair of Wallies on the same day. John won in Super Street and Wayne in Super Gas.

The team doubled again at Pacific Raceway’s season opener this April, John in Super Pro and Bubba in Super Comp.

Even though the family lives in eastern Washington near Renegade Raceway, two of Bubba’s official passes for his NHRA license were made at Pacific Raceways, then known as Seattle Int’l Raceway.

“We had pretty good luck in 2002,” Wayne Jr. reflects. “We all finished in the top 10.”

That season, John was runner up in Super Street, Wayne Jr. third in Super Gas and Bubba finished seventh in Super Comp. Wayne also went to Chicago to run Super Gas in the NHRA All Stars event that year.

This year, John finds himself in the hunt for a ticket to race Super Street at the 2004 All Stars competition.

The Future

The newest member to the group is Josh Dalrymple, who is in his second season driving a junior dragster.

“He hasn’t raced it much,” says Wayne Jr. “He got the dragster at the very end of 2002 and then we had motor problems.  We rebuilt the engine in the middle of the [2003] season.”

Josh can only run 12.99-second passes in the alcohol-burning dragster, the quickest the rules for his age bracket will allow.

But limited speed doesn’t cut the thrill for himself or his classmates at Pioneer Elementary.

“They think I’m lucky to get the chance,” he explains.

But with opportunity comes responsibility for the young racer. Before he dons his blue driving suit or flamed Simpson helmet, Josh is personally in charge getting the car cleaned and gathering the race equipment.

Josh says he comes to focus when he gets in the car. Wayne Jr., John and Bubba help get the dragster to the line and then it’s all Josh.

“My favorite part is when you just start,” Josh says of the initial launch.

Josh has competed at five events so far, sometimes in a field of as many as 200 junior dragsters like the national event at Woodburn.

“He should be pretty good,” Bubba says of his younger brother. “He’s always trying to push it. Like the whole team, in everything we do.”

“He practices on the tree all the time,” John says of his son’s dedication to the sport. “Whenever there’s no school, he’s been going with us.”

“We’re just learning,” Wayne Jr. says of the recent junior dragster addition. He adds that Top Comp driver Scott Hovde and Tyler Schlottfeld have helped a lot. “They’re the junior dragster gurus.”

Like all of the cars in the team’s traveling car show, Josh’s junior dragster is decked out in a flamed paint scheme.

“All the cars share the same paint job up front,” John explains. “But each has an individual character.”

Much like the individual drivers, both the Dalrymples and Linders, each compete at separate brackets but share the same roots as a family racing team. Actually two families.

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